Best Riding Boots Provide Safety And Comfort To A Professional Rider

Image result for best riding bootsRiding horses is a passion and there are few sports so elegant and graceful. Riding a horse does require a certain amount of skill and expertise especially if the riding is at a competitive level like racing or even show jumping. The ability to sit well on a horse and to handle this beautiful animal comes with patience and hard work. While one can learn to ride or have an inborn skill that needs honing, it is very important to ride with the right clothes and gear. Horse riding has its own style of clothes and riders are very smartly dressed in well fitting breeches, hats, gloves, a tucked in shirt, riding crop and boots of course.Visit for more details .

Riding boots are usually in leather and this material is the best suited for this activity. Leather Horse Riding Boots are available in quite a few designs and provide comfort as well as a very smart look to the entire outfit. The Leather horse riding boots are designed in such a way to ensure that the heel of the boot does not slip through the stirrup. The sole unlike other shoes is kept smooth; this prevents the heel from being caught in the stirrup in case of a fall from the horse. The toes have added protection like a steel casing inside boot. Riding boots generally fall into these three categories, dress boots, field boots and hunting boots. These are again available in long or short varieties depending on the comfort of the rider. Earlier boots would come with spurs fitted on the ankle, this way a horse could be poked into going faster, a practice which is no longer encouraged.

Dress Boots are a stiffer variety of riding boots and are pulled on but are not laced tight. Field boots are usually used for show jumping, hunting etc. These are fitted tight at the ankle with laces for a better grip and hunting boots are a variation of field boots. These there are usually available as long boots. Short boots come up to the ankle and are normally worn with gaiters or with chaps. These are meant to offer protection to the rider’s legs to prevent slips or from being rubbed raw against the horse. Chaps also come with various types of lining inside and when worn with short boots give the impression of long boots. Image result for best riding bootsThere is elastic on the instep and at the backoffer to additional comfort. There are professional manufacturers of leather riding boots and these specialize in riding boots made of leather only.

While investing in a pair of leather horse riding boots, ensure that you buy the best quality that can be afforded. This is a worthwhile investment if you ride often or are planning to do so. Not only does a good pair of boots look good, more importantly it provides the right kind of protection to the rider. The internet is a good way to understand more about the various types of boots available and one can easily compare features as well as prices from online sites.