AKG Y10 review- Secrets Revealed

Image result for AKG Y10If you are looking for the perfect headphones for a superior listening experience, your best option would be Over the Ear Headphones. These headphones are also known as ear cup headphones, full sized headphones, and they’re usually the largest headphones available for purchase. If worn, over the ear, the headphone cups over the ears to fully enclose them, hence the term over the ear. This is the main difference between open headphones or ear buds, which are used inside of the ear instead of over the ear.

Depending on the model and the brand, these headphones have the potential to give the best quality of sound. This really equates to a superior listening experience because you’ll be able to discern the bass and the loudness, as well as block the noise from the outside.Learn more about this at AKG Y10 review .

Over ear headphones work by effectively cupping your ears so that you won’t get all the unnecessary noise and sounds from your surroundings. These are full-sized headphones with large, padded ear cups, so there’s no doubt that all the goodness of the sound that you are listening to will be all yours. This acoustic isolation offered by these headphones is perfect for watching high definition movies with excellent sound quality. With these headphones, the sound quality that you’ll obtain is on par with high-end sound systems that you usually get with an expensive home theater set, and are by far the most comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

On the downside, these headphones are rather large, so it’s not really portable (unless you have a carrying bag or case for it). Some of the larger headphones can be uncomfortable because of their weight, and if worn on a hot day, can make your head and ears rather warm.

On the other hand in ear headphones are generally used for a more casual listening experience. They are small in size and very easy to carry. They are preferred for running, or other fast paced activities. Within this type of headphones there are also many types and models, and the sound quality is generally not as good as a full sized pair of headphones.Image result for AKG Y10

The full sized headphones are great for all kinds of situations. If you are in a noisy place, and want to drown out the outside noise. Perfect for noisy cities, airplanes, clubs, and offices. You can find a variety of noise canceling earphones that will make your listening experience more isolated. There are also open ear types of headphones that are not noise canceling, but will let the sound out of the headphone. These types of headphones are often used in recording studios to get a true feel for how an artist or performer sounds.

It’s a good idea would be to own both types of earphones since they offer different experiences for different circumstances. While over ear headphones will give you the best sound, in ear headphones will be great for other active situations. In the end, the final user should decide what type of headphones to use, and for what activity.


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